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Wholesale Commercial Inflatables for Sale

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No matter whether you are planning an unforgettable work event, celebrating a business anniversary in style, or looking for a marketing strategy that can truly help your brand stand out: custom wholesale commercial inflatables are all you need and more!

At i2k Inflatables, we have nearly 30 years of experience in designing, building, delivering, and maintaining premium inflatable construction for business events, fairs, and more. 

Unsure how to plan a next-level event for your colleagues, customers, employees, business partners, or contractors? 

We can help you add a competitive edge – and endless hours of fun! – to your event. Get in touch with our team or browse our collection of wholesale commercial inflatables for sale. 

i2k Inflatables: Wholesale Commercial Inflatables for Sale

The right inflatable can help your brand stand out and add an edge to your event theme! However, inflatables are much more than just an aesthetic addition! 

Custom-designed inflatable structures are a great way to provide entertainment for your guests throughout your event. Or, if you are planning a reception or event, there is nothing like an inflatable arch to create a memorable entrance to your event!

Beyond all this, inflatables can help your brand’s mascot come to life, boost employee engagement, and communicate your values. 

At i2k Inflatables, our expert designers can help you find the inflatable structure for your needs, event theme, and goals!

Made To Last, Built To Enjoy on Any Occasion

A commercial inflatable structure can represent an investment for your business – but it is one created to last through the years! At i2k Inflatables, we can work to meet your needs in terms of durability, budget, and design. 

When working with our team of expert inflatable designers, you can make sure to deliver that wow factor to your invitees at any event – no matter how your brand will develop and change over time! 

From top-of-the-line safety features and theme details to lead-free materials and unique designs, inflatables can provide endless hours of fun to all of your invitees and add a mind-blowing addition to your event!

The Features You Can Count on To Wow Your Customers

Are you looking for eye-catching banners? Or do you wish to add sampling kiosks to your festival? No matter what details you wish to add to your event, the right inflatable structure can help you bring your creative vision to life! 

All of our commercial inflatable structures boast features like:

  • Built-in durable 18 oz PVC-coated vinyl
  • Inflatable structures up to 80ft long
  • A lifespan of up to 5 years, with an all-covering warranty for up to 3 years
  • Safety features like inflatable walls, stoppers, and premium anchors
  • Perfect for indoor and outdoor events 

25 Years of Experience in Commercial Inflatables at Your Service

The team of experienced designers and technicians at i2k Inflatables has over 25 years of experience in helping local business owners and corporate managers bring to life truly memorable events for customers and employees. 

When partnering with us, our team will work with you from the 3D rendering stage to the day of the event. Get in touch today to find out more about what our commercial inflatables can do for your business. 

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