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Winter Inflatables: Inflatable Bounce Houses and Slides Perfect for Winter

inflatable jumpers module combo caste princess wet/dry themed bounce house for parties
inflatable jumpers module combo caste princess wet/dry themed bounce house for parties

Children have birthdays throughout the year, and parents are always looking for fun ways to keep kids entertained. If you run a company that caters to families with young children, you want to have a variety of fun activities that they can enjoy in any season. Inflatable bounce houses and slides are perfectfor birthday parties at any time of the year.

i2k sells a variety of bounce houses and slides with fun themes that are perfect for children’s birthday parties. If you run a year-round inflatable rental business, you can add some products from i2k to your inventory to appeal to customers who have children with birthdays in the winter.

Gift Box Jumper

Our Gift Box Jumper is perfect for a winter birthday party. It is decorated like a present and comes in bright red and green colors that fit in with the holiday season. Parents who have children with birthdays around Christmas may choose to rent a Gift Box Jumper and get everybody in the holiday spirit.

Life’s a Beach Bounce House

During the winter, people often dream of taking a vacation to a tropical locale. While that may not be possible, kids can pretend they are on vacation with our Life’s a Beach bounce house. This tropical island-themed bounce house is decorated with palm trees, a sun, and a lizard in a hammock.

Princess Palace Bounce House

The Princess Palace bounce house is filled with children’s favorite Disney characters, including Jasmine, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Belle, and Snow White. Kids can climb and slide and have fun with obstacles, pop-ups, and other games.

Deluxe Backyard Water/Ball Pit Slide

Kids can also have fun on an inflatable slide at a winter birthday party. i2k’s Deluxe Backyard Water/Ball Pit Slideworks as either a wet or dry slide. An optional ball pit can be attached to the bottom. This slide is perfect for kids of all ages.

Order a Bounce House or Slide from i2k

i2k has dozens of fun inflatable games and activities that are perfect for children’s birthday parties. These ones, in particular, are ideal for a party held in the winter. If you own an inflatable rental company, order some inflatables from i2k today to attract new customers in the winter.

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