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Why Modular Inflatable Obstacle Courses Are the Way to Go

Delta Force 45 Obstacle Course
Delta Force 45 Obstacle Course – Sweeper Camo

If you are planning a party, a corporate event, or a team-building activity, you want to have entertainment that will get everyone involved. A physically challenging activity can foster a sense of friendly competition that can make the event exciting and fun for the participants. One of the best ways to get people physically active and encourage them to compete with each other in a fun way is to set up a modular inflatable obstacle course.

Why You Should Choose a Modular Inflatable Obstacle Course for Your Party

A modular inflatable obstacle course is fun and safe for an event involving either adults or children. People of all ages enjoy running, climbing, jumping, and participating in other activities as they try to make it to the finish line before their opponents.

You may want to buy an inflatable obstacle course with several components, but you may not have a lot of space, or the space you have available to set it up may not be the ideal shape. That is not a problem with a modular obstacle course. It consists of several pieces that can be arranged in a number of ways to fit in spaces of many sizes and shapes so guests at the party can participate in several fun activities.

Rugged Warrior Challenge Inflatable Obstacle Course

Inflatable 2000 sells Rugged Warrior Challenge modular inflatable obstacle courses that are perfect for parties, team-building events, and corporate functions. The Rugged Warrior Challenge features several pieces that challenge participants to test their skills as they race to make it to the finish line first.

The corkscrew unit has two side-by-side corkscrew tunnels. Warriors must climb through the corkscrews before they make it to the next obstacle.

The Rugged Warrior Challenge has an A-frame unit with two red balls that hang from an inflatable A-frame structure. Warriors can run through the A-frame or use the balls to knock over their opponents. Partygoers must jump or swing on a ball and rope. If they fall, they will land in an inflatable moat that can be filled with water, foam, or ball-pit balls.

If participants make it to the next challenge, the Leap of Courage, they will need to climb to the top of a jump tower. Then they will leap onto the patented Zero Shock free-fall air bag below that will safely cushion their landing.

The next obstacle in the Rugged Warrior Challenge is the Rope Climb. This is a boot-camp-style rope climbing net that contestants must climb before they slide down to the end.

The last challenge is a steep cliff. Participants must climb up and over the vertical side of the inflatable by gripping the handles.

Order a Rugged Warrior Challenge Modular Obstacle Course from i2k

The Rugged Warrior Challenge modular inflatable obstacle course is sure to be a hit at your party. People will love the opportunity to compete against their friends, family, or coworkers. If you are interested in buying a Rugged Warrior Challenge obstacle course for your upcoming event, contact i2k today.

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