Reasons Why You Should Start an Inflatable Rental Company

Many people would love to own their own business and have the freedom that comes along with it. New business ventures often require a lot of capital and time to get started and can be risky. New companies often do not succeed, which can make prospective entrepreneurs wary. One type of business that you may […]

How to Make Sure Your Inflatable Rental Business Will Be a Success

An inflatable rental business offers the opportunity to have a successful career and generate a substantial income, if it is done right. There are many things that people who are new to the industry overlook when starting out that can mean the difference between success and failure. Here are some tips to help you get […]

What’s the Safest Way to Tie Down an Outdoor Inflatable?

  Bounce houses and other interactive inflatables make for fun, safe activities for kids and adults alike, but as with anything else proper safety protocols are essential to avoid accidents and injuries. When it comes to renting or using an inflatable, anchoring is an essential part of setting it up, so keep the following points […]

How to Sanitize and Clean Inflatables

If you own an inflatable rental business, you want to present a professional and safe image. Your customers will judge your business on the cleanliness of your inflatables. You should remove dirt and debris from your inflatables and wash them thoroughly to remove bacteria and prevent mold and mildew that could cause health problems. REMOVE […]

How to Choose Age-Appropriate Inflatables for Your Rental Business

If you want to start an inflatable rental business, you need to figure out what type of customers you want to appeal to so you can buy the right inflatables. You can choose from bounce houses, slides, obstacle courses, and other products, but they are not all right for every age group. You will need […]

Why You Shouldn’t Buy Used Commercial Inflatables

As any adult who’s been to a child’s birthday party can attest, bounce houses and other inflatables are a big deal. So much so, in fact, you might consider purchasing one for your family’s own enjoyment. If you’re new to inflatables, you’re bound to make mistakes – mainly, you might buy a used commercial model […]

How to Choose the Right Inflatables for Your Rental Business

Starting an inflatable rental business can be a fun career move that can help you earn a good living while still having plenty of free time. Inflatables are popular with kids and adults for birthday parties and events all over the country and at all times of the year. If you are interested in starting […]

How to Start an Indoor Inflatable Business

Inflatables are popular with kids for birthday parties and special events, but setting them up outside can be problematic at times because of the weather. It can be difficult to haul inflatables around in the rain, strong wind can make using them dangerous, and in the winter it can be too cold for kids to […]