Use Inflatable Replicas to Build Brand Recognition

If you are searching for a unique way to capture people’s attention and build brand awareness, forget about signs and banners and think inflatables. Inflatable 2000 specializes in creating custom inflatable replicasof products that can be displayed at your business for a special event or to draw people in the door every day of the week. […]

Rugged Warrior Challenge Inflatable Obstacle Course

An inflatable obstacle course is fun for kids and adults of all ages. You can rent one for your upcoming birthday party or any other special event where you want your guests to run, climb, and compete. The Rugged Warrior Challenge has seven modular units that you can combine however you choose to make it as easy […]

Inflatable 2000 Installs Attractions at Cape Cod Park

In May of 2015, Steve Gray and his team at i2k helped with the installation of several new inflatable rides and challenge courses at the Cape Cod Inflatable Park and Family Resort in Yarmouth, Massachusetts. The park is the largest of its kind in Massachusetts and is also one of the largest in the United States. i2k outfitted […]

The Best Inflatables for Summer Parties and Events

Summer is coming up, which means that families, social organizations, and local communities are going to be planning all kinds of events. Summer is a popular time for birthday parties, carnivals, picnics, and other events that allow people to come together and have fun while enjoying the pleasant weather. If you run an inflatable rental […]

Sports-Themed Inflatables for Sale: Games & Jumpers

If you run a business that rents inflatables for birthday parties, school and corporate events, and other functions, you want to appeal to a diverse group of people. You want to offer inflatables that will be fun for children, as well as teenagers and adults. In addition to bounce houses for young kids, you have […]

Inflatable Military Decoys: Military Inflatables for Training & Deception

In a military operation, success depends on many variables, including the number of troops and the amount and types of weapons each side has. Success on the battlefield can also be achieved by outsmarting the enemy. Throughout military history, generals have tricked their opponents in order to gain a strategic advantage. How Inflatable Decoys Can […]

The Benefits of Advertising Inflatables for Promoting Your Business

If you run a business, you probably have several competitors that offer similar products. You need to find a way to set your company apart so you can catch the attention of potential customers and make them choose your business over another. One way to do that is to use inflatables to promote your business […]

How Inflatables Can Help Keep Kids Active This Summer

Summer break is coming up, which means kids will have a lot of free time on their hands. Summer is a popular time for birthday parties, fairs, carnivals, and other outdoor events. If you run a company that provides entertainment for events for children, you can keep them active by renting inflatables. i2k sells many […]

Why Custom Fly Guys Are the Perfect Way to Advertise Any Business

If you run a business and you want to attract the attention of people who are walking or driving nearby, you need to catch their eye and make them curious about what you have to offer. Whether you run a restaurant, a car dealership, or any other type of business, Fly Guys can help you […]